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Manicure & Pedicure
Classic Treatment
The Classic includes a foot soak, nail and cuticle care, lotion massage with hot stone, hot towel, and the application of a polish of your choice.
Nature's Retreat
This streatment offer a luxurious apricot seed body scrub mixture with exotic tropical fruit ingredients that will exfoliate and enrich your skin. Then a lower leg massage with a detoxifirer and enrich you skin. Then a lower leg massage with a detoxifier and stimulating Enuma Cooling Gel will give you a calming and enlivening massage experience to relieve leg aches and soreness. Extra attention is given to dry and cracked heels with natural healing properties of Jojoba Esters Foot Treatment Creme. We finish with a White Tea Extract Intensive Body Lotion that will wonderfully envelop all ingredients, leaving your skin feeling fresh. Wa finish with the application of a regular polish of your choice.
Herbal Organic
This service includes foot soak, nail anf cuticle care, exfoliation, soothing mask with 100% natural ingredients, callus removal, hot stone massage, hot towels, andthe application of a regular polish of your choice. This Herbal Organic Pedicure is sure to awake your senses. Stay peautiful inside and out by being healthy with herbs!
Ultimate Indulgence
This is the ultimate natural treatment including rich natural oils and aloe blend in Apricot Seed Body Scrub to gently exfoliate and reveal smooth, glowing skin! It is followed by a deep soothing sensation leg massage with a Colling Gel that with take away the stress and tiredness. Enjoy a layer of featured treatment with Mineral Marine Mud Mask, rich in proteins and nutrients that will delicately adhere to the surface of your skin and pull impurities from the pores while toning and tightening your skin's elasticity. Designed to the contrast between cooling massage, the aquatic marine mud, and a hot towel wrap, this treatment will give you a sensational combination of tonic essential oils and rich enrollments gives your heels a silky Butter, and an amazing cillection of natural oils to supply oxygen to the skin, hydrating and nourishing the skin's texture at the same time. We finish with the applicatuon of a regular polish of your choice.
Gel Manicure/ Pedicure
This manicure/ pedicure comes with a nail and cuticle care, lotion massage, hot towel, and the application of your choice of Gel polish.
Gel color change on Fee/ Hands
Regular color change on Fee/ Hands
Basic Manicure & Pedicure
Gel Manicure & Basic Pedicure
Dip Manicure & basic Pedicure
Nail Enhancement
Full Set
Acrylic White Tips
Solar Pink With UV Gel
Solar Pink & White Powder With UV Gel
Builder Gel
LCN Pinks & White UV Gel
Includes soak-off, cuticle trim, and the application of your choice of color.
SNS Dipping Color
SNS French Manicure
Additional Services
Gel Color
Ombre Gel Effect
Nail Repair (Charged Per Nail)
Design on Two Fingers
Design on Ten Fingers
French or American
Soak-Off with New Set
Paraffin Wax For Hands/ Feet
$10/ $15
Kid's Services
(For 10 year olds and younger children)
Manicure/Pedicure + Design
Hands/ Feet Polish + Design
Spa Facial (60 Minutes)
Enjoy a customized facial consisting of deep cleansing, exfoliation, a powerful serum, a relaxing massage, an appropriate mask, and a finishing moisturizer that will revitalize your skin and give it an instant glow.
Algomask + (45 Minutes)
Soothing and intensely moisturizing algae treatment
Hydrolifting (60 Minutes)
An-ti aging treatment specifically formulated to visibly lift and firm the face and neck.
Collagen 90-II (75 to 90 Minutes)
Restorative anti-aging treatment for devitalized and stressed skin.
Oxygenating skincare (50 Minutes)
Purifying and revitalizing treatment for oily to acne-prone skin experiencing dullness and stress.
Sea c Spa (60 Minutes)
Purifying and revitalizing treatment for oily to acne-prone skin experiencing dullness and stress.
Botinol (60 Minutes)
An-ti aging treatment visibly reducing expression lines and wrinkles for an immediate radiance boost.
Express Facial (30 Minutes)
A facial for people on the go! This facial will give your skin an instant glow with a time-saving exfoliator and a highly concentrated serum.
New Sublime Collagen Eye Contour (30 to 40 Minutes)
$50- $60
Radiance boosting anti-aging treatment that visibly reduces the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, puffiness, and dark circles.
Add-On For Clinical Treatment
Chemical Peels Clinical Peels
A collection of patented high performing 30%+ AHA's and BHA's Peels with other active ingredients, provides rapid exfoliation, collagen production, free radical protection, and an evening out of skin tone and more, all without the downtime! It also includes Lactic Derm Renewal, Glycolic, Salicylic, or Modifined Jessner.
As an Add-on to a Facial
$30- $55
In a Series (20-30 minutes)
$45- $55 each
Instant Radiance Eye Patches (20-30 minutes)
$25- $35
(You can avoid this add-on if you are choosing the Collagen Sublime Eye Clinical Treatment)
This specialized treatment gives you a visibly younger and more relaxed look in Just 20 minutes! It instantly reduces the signs of fatigue of the eye contour, and the apperance of fine lines, wrinkles, puffy eyes, and dark circles. Enjoy the perfect choice for a simply radiant, rested, glowing look!
Eyelash Extension
(Natural Look Last up 3-6 weeks)
Cluster Customize Lashes
Eyelash Extension Lift and Perm
Individual Eyelash Full Set/ Refill
$120/ $60+
Volume Eyelash (2D, 3D, 4D) Full Set/ Refill
$200+/ $60+
EyeBrow Color
Henna eyebrows
We specialized to use use essential oils as an adjunct therapy to the actual massage, resulting in what is known as an aromatherapy massage. Essential oils are concentrated plant molecules that are known to have scientific physical, mental and emotional effects and can truly elevate any massage experience.
Chair Massage
This treatment takes place directly through clothing and without anyoil. The massage focuses on stress, tension, minor aches, and pains.
10 Minutes
20 Minutes
30 Minutes
Add on services
$1/ 1 mins massage
All-natural cosmeceutical spray-on tanning. We carry the brand perfect glow sunless which is a luxurious spray tan derived from natural ingredients. This odorless dormula contains anti-aging and antioxidant properties that won't leave your skin sticky or streaky. Our spray tans are professionally applied in a private room and are done in 20-30 minutes. Your tan will continue to develope over the next 10-24 hours and will last for 7-10 days (depending on your skin type and preparation). Celebrities worldwide such as Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez use and love this product.
Paraben-free formaldehyde-free (No DMDM Hydantoin ingredients).
Vegan & Cruelty-free
One session
$35/ $45
Two session
$60/ $80
Get a fabulous discount when you make an appointment for a group with three or more people!
We use a 100% organic wax for the removal of unwanted hair, followed by a cooling gel.
** Please allow for minimum of 2 weeks growth. More detail please ask Client Specialist.
Under Arm
Half Arm / Full Arm
Half Leg/Full Leg
$35/ $45+
Ten Fingers
Bottle Water, Coke, White Wine, Red Wine.